Blue collar dating

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So, where is the line as far as office or work fashion goes?

I’m not sure how eye-raising or recognizable these symbols are outside of the lifestyle.

is a drama by USA Network about a white collar Gentleman Thief, Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), and Peter Burke, the FBI Agent supervising him (Tim De Kay) who work together, albeit begrudgingly, to stop white collar criminals.

Caffrey is a convicted Con Artist, having broken out of jail three months before his sentence of four years was completed. This place is nearly empty during the day; they only have two employees. Neal: I like what you're thinking, but I don't want the sprinkler system running.

So I don’t think you can use a leather collar for this purpose, even if it would fly where you’re currently working.) But I looked up pictures of locking eternity collars, and some of those could pass for an office-appropriate accessory, if you pick one of the ones that look closer to a regular necklace.

You do run the risk of people asking you about it if they notice that you wear it every day — and if that happens, you’ll need a blander explanation than the real one.

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And yeah, a traditional leather collar will definitely be inappropriate for most offices.

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