Ask tough questions dating

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Ask tough questions dating

If you had to summarize yourself in just five qualities, what would you like them to be? When the qualities you strive to have become the qualities you possess, true harmony becomes possible.Now, think about the qualities that your significant other brings out in you. I’ve learned that when we feel fulfilled and accepted exactly as we are, we tend to become better versions of ourselves.Choose to spend your days with someone you can talk to about anything and still feel as though there’s more left to say.I always feel sad when I see a couple at a restaurant staring blankly at each other in silence, swirling their straws in their glasses, as though there’s truly nothing left to discuss. The love of your life should be your heart’s resting place.

What better way to determine if you’re with the right person than to ask yourself, “Does he make me laugh? Unfortunately, they are often hopeless romantics and "Sex and the City"-addicted love zombies, so it can be hard for them to help you really assess your current relationships without giving you the black and white option to “love him or leave him.”Luckily for you, I am willing to be the friend you need for when you’ve reached a relationship fork in the road, or perhaps, just want a reality check before making the best (or possibly, worst) decision of your life. Let’s be gypsies.”Your girls are more than just friends; they are your soul sisters.If you find yourself skipping out on girls’ nights, missing your nephew’s t-ball games and making excuses for leaving family dinners early because you've been made to feel guilty for not spending all of your time with your significant other, it might be time to reassess.Every person has a different opinion of the ideal date, the perfect way to spend a weekend and a fantasy vacation destination, but when it comes to day-to-day activities, how do you spend your time?

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Does he make you feel safe when you need to share something that’s been on your mind, reassess a situation that happened at work or when you just need someone to listen?