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The institution was growing into one of America's great universities, and the campus in late fall or summer or snow clad winter was to us as beautiful as the eternal search for truth. The buildings took on a personality of their own — the bowl in the Eyring Science Center, the living room of the Family Life units, the quiet which sometimes fell on the library, the gleaming newness of the Mc Kay Building, the solemn stillness and the lifting concerts in the Joseph Smith Building contrasting with the noise and tumult in the Fieldhouse the bustle in the Service Center and the steam pipes in the North Building, and everywhere the sound of new construction in progress — they all blended finally into an impression of our college days which would remain with us forever. Jacobs, Margaret S., 170 Jahraus, Agnes Jakeman, M. Man's accomplishments have taught us that he can have a great and noble future — faith assures us of that possibility. ii Introduction Music and Drama Sports Leadership Classes table of contents Introduction fo^'^' Activities section twenty three Royalty section fifty nine Music and Drama section seventy five Sports section one hundred eleven Leadership section one hundred forty seven Organizations two hundred seven Classes section two hundred ninety seven General index four hundred twenty two 13 a campus as beautiful asi JOSEPH SMITH MEMORIAL building, a center of social and religious life on campus. Squaw Peak, in background, is covered with snow during most of the year.

SENIOR COURT justice was mefed oi to frosh who didn't obey week's law CLEANING THE Y was required of male freshmen, who were given a secret ley- word to free them from frigid dunking.

14 he eternal search for truth This was the campus we knew, with its sloping green lawns of summer and its enveloping white snow of winter.

Utah sunsets fanned over the sky behind the classical Greek lines of the Maeser Building and reflected from the modernistic glass front of the Science Center.

We stand on the threshold of the greatest f utiue that man has ever known — or we can destroy ourselves with a tragic misunderstanding of our role in the world. In sharing our fun and laughter, we become aware of each person s uniqueness.

r Parties, a planned enjoymei A face of laughter strikes a responsive chord in us in ourselves. all are abstract concepts which we find only within ourselves.

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But we must work and study with our minds open if wie are to overcome the challenges which the world has never lacked offering to man.

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