Consolidating school distircts

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Consolidating school distircts

Take your pick Those numbers are in sharp contrast to the other 24 public school districts in the county. In Hopatcong, there has been a 36 percent reduction in student enrollment between 20 but per-pupil costs have risen by 44 percent.In Vernon, enrollment dropped from 4,328 in 2006 to 2,622 last year and yet per-pupil costs have risen by ,125 to ,876.As evidence -- as if any is needed -- look no further than his recent dust-up with a Chicago Cubs fan at a Brewers game in Milwaukee this past weekend.Christie, clutching an order of ballpark nachos in one hand, lays into a guy for having the audacity to tell the governor he "sucked" -- perhaps the Cubs fan was just referencing the 15 percent approval rating Christie has in the Garden State -- and calling him a hypocrite.

It seems only logical that the very system could be applied to elementary and grade schools throughout the county to reduce the amount of overlapping services and personnel.To put a number on it, the average salary for district superintendents statewide is 7,500 and the average annual salary in the county is 0,360.Discussion overdue Sussex Borough Councilwoman Linda Masson said that, at the very least, a discussion about school district consolidation is "long overdue in this county." She said the evidence of what ever-rising school taxes are doing to the county is printed in this very newspaper, which has pages upon pages of foreclosures.The entire district is broken up into clusters of 10 to 15 schools, and those groupings are under the supervision of an assistant superintendent.Compare that to Sussex County, where nearly every district has its own superintendent.

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Of the county's 25 public school districts, the only exception to the aforementioned problem in the last 10 years is Sussex County Technical School.