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Inundating in a sentence

The Scottish Prison Service1 holds about 8,000 prisoners in 16 establishments with 4,007 staff (03/09).

Both services also have training colleges, stores and headquarters.

It is also responsible to the Youth Justice Board (YJB) for the services it provides for children and young people remanded or sentenced to custody and to the United Kingdom Borders Agency for the custodial places provided to hold detainees considered for deportation.

2 In Scotland there are eight Criminal Justice Authorities (CJAs) established in 2007 by the Scottish Government as devolved public bodies to drive the national strategy for the management of offenders and oversee the Criminal Justice social work services.

The CJAs work with the Scottish Prison Service, the police, NHS, local authority Criminal Justice Social work services and the voluntary sector.

3 The Prison Service is made up of 2 separate organisations: HM Prison Service (HMPS) in England and Wales, and the Scottish Prison Service (SPS).

8 Remand prisoners are unconvicted prisoners held on remand on the order of the courts.

They are detained with a view to subsequently presenting them at court, but not to punish them.

1 figures from 08/09 SPS annual report 7 Some prisons will also contain special secure units (SSUs).This OC describes the organisation of HM Prison Service in England and Wales, and the Scottish Prison Service.It describes how they are managed and gives guidance on how inspectors can deal with a range of issues peculiar to prison inspection.At present there are 11 private prisons operated by the private sector companies in England and Wales and 2 in Scotland. 5 In England and Wales, sentenced adult male prisoners are divided into 4 security categories that determine the type of prisons in which they can be held: (1) category A - prisoners whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public or the police or the security of the state, no matter how unlikely that escape might be, and for whom the aim must be to make escape impossible; (2) category B - prisoners for whom the very highest conditions of security are not necessary, but for whom escape must be made very difficult; (3) category C - prisoners who cannot be trusted in open conditions, but who do not have the resources and will to make a determined escape attempt; and (4) category D - prisoners who can be reasonably trusted in open conditions.In Scotland, prisoners are assigned to one of three categories: High Supervision: an individual for whom all activities and movements require to be authorised, supervised and monitored by prison staff.

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Prisoners can be segregated in this way either as a punishment, for reasons of good order and discipline or for their own protection.

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