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Intimidating people with your eyes

Indeed, people around the neighborhood talked about Delle Albright’s odd, grim nature.No one could ever remember her buying herself a dress.He was, they said, a kind of Renaissance man – fluent in French and Spanish, a masterful painter, able to woo women by playing Chopin preludes on the piano or reciting poetry by Keats.It was simply impossible to believe that he could have viciously murdered three Dallas prostitutes in late 1990 and early 1991.When he wouldn’t take a nap, she would tie him to his bed.

When he was eleven years old, she enrolled him in a mail-order course – the Northwestern School of Taxidermy, taught by Professor J. “A true taxidermist must be an artist.” As Charles set to work on the dead birds he found, Delle was right beside him.At 59, he had a finely sculpted face and carefully groomed gray hair.Even in his prison uniform, he looked positively distinguished. “I’m not going to tell you anything that’s not true.”Throughout his life, Albright had been described by many who knew him as the portrait of happiness, untroubled and troubling no one.Two or three times a day she would change his clothes to keep the dirt off him.Afraid that he might touch dog feces and get polio, she took him to Parkland Hospital to see the polio patients locked in huge iron lungs.

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According to the story Delle would later tell Charles, his birth mother was an exceptional law student, just sixteen years old, who had secretly married another student and had become pregnant.

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