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Before Miki knew it, we'd all ended up going to a tropical island... Before her debut as an idol, Miki slept all day at 765 Production, and skipped her lessons from time to time. Because of this, Miki believes she can reach top idol rather easily.She is voiced by Akiko Hasegawa Miki's athletic ability is on the good side, and people often compliment Miki, saying that Miki has a 'good style'. Miki's hobby is chatting, and recently, Miki suddenly really likes romance novels! Even though Miki is a very lazy person, sometimes she will do anything in her power to be better than her older sister. She wears a a green beach-shirt with a blue butterfly on it. While Awakened, it is revealed that her hair is actually naturally brown but she dyes it blond. She has a white beach-shirt, a pink mini-skirt, and brown shoes.Miki's the type that can get anything done without even trying, and besides, Miki never puts any effort into anything. Regardless of what design she wears, she wears a silver necklace with six stars with her name on the middle.Guests flocked to the performances and later enjoyed interacting with Manje and Afu during the painting workshops for kids and adults.Dusit Thani Maldives has reported that the guests were so engaged and fascinated by the various cultural happenings during the Call of the Sangu festival that now many of the concepts will become permanent features at the resort.Next week's morning, Miki rushes to see if the Producer is okay, and having recovered from his injuries, the Producer and Miki start their day.Miki states that she will change for the better, saying she will never take anything so lightly again.

Shocked, Miki rushes to the Producer's aid, not knowing what to do at all.The participants were posted at various locations around the resort throughout the day and guests were able to chat to them, learn more about their crafts and buy authentic souvenirs such as hand-made models of dhonis (wooden boats), lacquerwork vases (Baa Atoll is famous for lacquerwork) and coconut jewelery.There were also numerous scheduled performances and presentations including a dhandi jehun (stick dance), bandiyaa jehun (pot dance) and raivaru (a traditional form of poetry which in the past was composed by toddy tappers and fishermen).Her body trembling with fear, all she can do is cry.The Producer, after saying his last words to Miki (which can be chosen by the player), wakes up a few hours later in the hospital only to find out that his injuries were simply a fractured leg.

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Afu said “It is simply an inspiring event for everyone including guests, artists and the resort; which strikes a perfect harmony in exposing the beauty of Maldivian art and culture”.