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It’s most commonly linked to manga and anime, but can be applied to just about anything, from gaming to obsessively following Idols.

There are a number of districts in Tokyo that cater specifically to otaku interests, and they can be quite eye-opening to explore.

And hit up Akiba Culture zone – it’s a seven storey complex of specialist shops.

Akihabara is by no means the only option in Tokyo, however.

Akihabara has been undergoing major redevelopment over the years, including the renovation and expansion of Akihabara Station and the construction of new buildings in its proximity.

Among these newly opened buildings were a huge Yodobashi electronics store and the Akihabara Crossfield, a business complex with the aim of promoting Akihabara as a center for global electronics technology and trade.

Other than that, most arcades have plenty of fighting games old and new – versus battles are still a huge part of arcade gaming in Japan - not to mention bigger cabinets like Luigi’s Mansion Arcade or Mario Kart Arcade GP 2.

You’ll also find a number of second hand store chains (such as Mandarake and K-Books) selling manga, anime, games and toys, and many of these also cater to female otaku.

These stores are particularly cool if you have any interest in doujinshi – self-published manga – as you can get a sense for just how massive that market is.

It’s also an awesome place to visit, so if you’re looking for an excuse, here are five essential things every gamer needs to do in Tokyo!

“Otaku” is a term used to describe someone that’s utterly obsessive about a very specific thing.

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It’s mind-boggling, and also proof that Japan is the true home of slash fiction.