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This paper will attempt to identify those responsible for the recent backlash in these Buddhist-majority nations and to examine the role played by local and foreign governments.Introduction In June 2012, an outbreak of violence between Buddhists and Muslims in the Rakhine (formerly Arakan) state of Burma led by saffron-clothed monks showed the world that some Buddhists had a darker side.

It was our scatological light saber and a daily reminder of our virility and manhood.It reeks of laziness and a lack of civility; a person who cannot even bother to invest time in purchasing a proper lota is probably unreliable and unsatisfactory in other areas of their life. I can’t force her.”However, there have been exceptions to the rule.Sadly, a few families and especially ignorant, young, single folk continue this shameful practice. My roommate in law school was a white Army recruit from Marin who converted to Islam in college.Plastic watering jugs are the new, preferred instrument of posterior purification in America.Some Muslims and South Asians believe in keeping their lotas hand-held and within reach, often times affixing them to the wall as manual bidets.

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This adds to my lifetime of traumatic “South Paw” episodes, including having perpetual pen smudges on my left hand and being seen as mentally challenged throughout elementary school due to my inability to use right-handed scissors.