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The traditional classification of human social evolution is into pre-history and recordered history.

Modern humans arose from a single evolutionary event, but our racial diversity illustrates subsequent multiple evolutionary events involving differential survival of populations, geographic range expansions, and migrations.

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They were able to trace a common African heritage and suggest some population subdivisions, gene flow episodes and colonization events.

Their study showed an overall pattern of group differentiation and movement across the world, suggesting population expansions and genetic drift processes that would be expected over tens of thousands of years.

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Pre-history is broken down onto 3 periods , according to the materiel used for making tools: Some texts will explain that the Old Stone Age (the Paleolithic Age (50000 to 12000 BC) ) is the Age of food-gatherers, while the New Stone Age (the New Stone Age or the Neolithic Age (12000 to 4000 BC)) is referred to as the Age of food producers.