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DATs describe the ROM contents including filenames, file sizes, and checksums to verify contents are not incorrect or corrupt.

The wiki pages for MAME, FB Alpha, and Neo Geo include DATs and detailed information about the ROM sets needed for the various arcade emulators.

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sds-split Split given Source Data Stream into separate files Usage: oscap [options] ds sds-split [options] SDS TARGET_DIRECTORY SDS - Source data stream that will be split into multiple files.

TARGET_DIRECTORY - Directory of the resulting files.

OK, not really - using the default options it will make backups of any files it removes, but it is still possible to mess up their ROMs beyond repair when getting started with clrmamepro.

The existing Web Scanner mechanism was not supported by all the browsers and required changes in the methodology.

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The Schematron validation is slower than the standard validation but provides deeper analysis, and is thus able to detect more errors.