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You see, you can tell a lot about how someone sees you not just by the things that they say and do (or don’t say and do) but also by the status that you have in their life. If you’re called the girlfriend but treated like something they stepped in, is there any point in clinging hard to the title?If you’re one in a long line of women that they’re sleeping with, does it matter whether you think you’re number one, five, or eight, or shouldn’t you be concerning yourself about the fact that there is more than one?!When they say crap like ‘Why have we got to go around labelling stuff? ’ he’s telling you ‘I don’t want to be pigeon holed into saying this relationship is something that at a later date I may find it difficult to get out of.I want you to go with the flow so that you never know where you stand and I never feel responsible’ This explains why I get emails from women telling me that they’re in a booty call but asking if they’re the girlfriend or whether they can be upgraded to girlfriend.He’s not keeping it a secret, there is no secret this or secret that – you are out in the open and official by association.

When we were together, I was constantly looking for validation that I was equally, if not more important (lunacy I know) and wanted our relationship to be ‘bagged and tagged’.You cannot demand that they commit to you when they don’t want to.This doesn’t mean it’s about you – they don’t want to commit.I don’t know what I thought I would feel if we were official and out in the open, I just knew I had to have it and I was devastated that I didn’t.I have another confession: I overheard the Mr Unavailable who ended up giving me my epiphany after a barely there five month relationship, telling the waiter at the restaurant we used to go to that we were “friends” when I was on the way back from the bathroom.

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If you have a title and you don’t like it, you have to ask yourself what the hell you’re doing in a relationship with a guy, where you’re in the position of having a lowly status?