Teenage dating advise for parents Instant sexchat messenger

Posted by / 17-Aug-2017 01:23

Worryingly, many were designed to arrange real life meetings between strangers such as WTPA (Where the Party At?

) RU/18 (Are you over 18) RL (Real Life) and ADN (Any Day Now).

It sounds great to have real open and honest communication with your teenager, but this can actually create some sticky issues at times.

What if your teenager wants to tell you that he drinks at parties?

) What do you do when you discover your teenager has been lying to you?

If you can’t handle the truth, or are unwilling to have genuinely honest conversations don’t expect your teen to be honest in return.

IMHO – In my honest opinion / In my humble opinion33.

Research conducted by Dr Nancy Darling of Penn State University found that over 96% of teenagers tell lies.

For parents who might not have grown up with mobiles, it can be tough to keep track of teenage texting codes.

Now, a parental protection software firm Bark has created a helpful graphic to assist parents in decoding online slang.

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Worried officers figured out that teens have a sinister new language as part of KPC (Keeping Parents Clueless).