Funny headlines for a dating profile

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'Me: 'Haha' (eye roll)Him: 'I'm gonna use the little boys' room. Moments later, he proceeded to go on a seemingly unrelated tangent about how everyone in the world 'has their price.' He told me I had a price.

If a train were going 30 miles per hour, how how long would it take to get to Washington, D. After 45 minutes of this, when I politely refused a second drink, he ordered another drink anyway and proceeded to chat my ear off for over an hour, until I finally said that I needed to go and made a dash for the door. What weighs more, 100 pounds of gold or 100 pounds of feathers? '); and the finer points of patent-leather platform boots ('They're much more comfortable than you think, am I right? My proper Midwestern upbringing (and lack of a decent date in months) kept me numbly agreeing and dancing by his side, and then finally allowing him to walk me home. If you could make love to a Yankee player who it be? my plain ol' black and nudes'); his recent visit to the Adult Video Awards in Vegas ('My friends are on the show —have you seen it? In my head I thought, 'He’s cute, I’d never date him but I might make-out with him.' But, upon exiting, the guy goes 'Julie, I need to tell you something. I don’t go to Columbia,' and I said very casually 'Oh okay, where do you go? Finally, I decided drinks needed to wrap up, so we headed out.

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