Rules on dating a rockstar mirko dating for marriage

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Rules on dating a rockstar

I don’t know any obscure bands and can’t talk knowledgeably about any artist’s “catalog.” I don’t particularly like going to see live music that much—it’s too loud, and I get too tired.

I appreciate and enjoy music, but have no passionate or fanatical interest in it.

We got to know each other through chatting at the lunch table.

But that chapter of his biography didn’t play much part in our lovely blossoming romance.

At the time, Travis got his singing joy largely from an Episcopal church choir.

When people are fans, all normal rules of polite social behavior fly out the window. ” Travis would smile and be good-humored about not remembering talking to them at the CD booth.

Fans have no interest in my presence and don’t want to acknowledge it. The reality is that I am the person standing between them and their idol, and I learned it was much easier for me to go do something else than to pretend this was the same as socializing at a cocktail party. Then the pause, where a normal-world response would be to say, “Great to meet you” and wrap up the interaction and move on. They just stand there and stare, trying to make the moment last as long as possible, braving any amount of awkward silence.

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I would attend the monthly services to support him, and we’d go to brunch afterward.

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