Is mayweather dating

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Is mayweather dating

In the press conference for his 2002 fight against Jose Luis Castillo, Mayweather was asked about the conviction and said, "Everybody that knows Floyd Mayweather, knows I'm a good guy. In November 2003 Mayweather was arrested and charged with two counts of battery for allegedly fighting with two women at a Las Vegas nightclub.He was later convicted of misdemeanor battery and ordered to serve 100 hours of community service, the Associated Press reported at the time.She will watch the clash at the T-Mobile Arena on August 26.Floyd and Abi met last year when she was on holiday in Vegas.Harris told Yahoo's Martin Rogers in 2013, "Did he beat me to a pulp?No, but I had bruises on my body and contusions and [a] concussion because the hits were to the back of my head. because the bruises don't show …" Harris had "redness on her face and a large contusion to the right side of her forehead and chin" when she was examined at the hospital, according to the incident report.

There are concerns that the worst could happen if things get out of control.”Neighbours feared Abi had been hurt in the attack and rushed to help her.

According to the arrest report, the victim, Josie Harris, got home at a.m.

on a night in September 2010 to find Mayweather talking to their two sons.

She later claimed in a lawsuit that Mayweather "swung open a car door, hitting her jaw, pushed her into the car and punched her several times in the face and body," the Review-Journal reports.

That lawsuit was dismissed in 2003, according to the Review-Journal.

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It was only then that the men fled the scene, leaving her in tears. Abi was understandably shaken by what happened.“When neighbours went round to offer support she was having a panic attack.“It had all come out of nowhere and she didn’t know what to make of it.

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