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Intimidating female dog names

Whatever name you pick, just please whatever you do, don’t give your dog a “people” name, no George or Mandy, etc.

It’s a personal pet peeve of mine when people give their dogs “people” names.

Others, such as officers who may bring their dogs to schools as a teaching tool, choose names that aren't so tough to avoid scaring kids.

These names include Dallas, Frieda, Larry, Bradley and Fawn.

Names such as Kujo, from Stephen King's famous book, are culturally synonymous with a vicious, dangerous animal.

Are you looking for suggestions of dog names for your new Doberman?

Or do you want to change an older dog’s name to something different? These names for Doberman pinschers have been selected for their popularity, originality and for representing the qualities we love in our fine breed.

Bomber, Fang, Evil, Hannibal and Diablo fit into this category.

Other officers choose to name their K9 partners names that relate to the nature of the law enforcement world.

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This makes it easier for the dog to clearly understand and learn their new name.

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