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Datingworks net

You swipe and chat with a lot of wrongs to find a right, and uncertainty and rejection run high.

And if you don’t like how you’re dating experience has gone online, then go about it differently.

The Internet hasn’t ruined dating anymore than email ruined writing or You Tube ruined television.

If you find the former impersonal, you can still send a proper letter.

The young man complained that so much information about a potential date was available on Facebook – “her favorite bands, movies, TV shows, and recent vacation photos” – that he was convinced they’d have nothing to talk about because he knew “all the answers to all the questions I would ask her during coffee.” Maybe the problem isn’t the online context in which we all now date, but the young man’s lack of subtlety in navigating that context.

If you don’t want to know everything about your coffee date … Mangalindan (who, according to his Facebook profile, recently turned 30) goes on to complain that the catalog-like experience of online dating sites “enable a downright Seinfeld-ian level of superficial nitpicking.” This may be true, but rather than blame online dating maybe he should just … Ultimately, it all boils down to the larger issue of what it is we’re going to do with all this technology, now that we have it.

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