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The condition is quite good, obviously being over 100 years old it has some wear and some patches/repairs but overall this is nearly museum quality stuff.

Slide works well for raw inners (which are both original) and being as old as it is. Recently restored here at our shop, it has been gently relacquered and some worn parts replaced and repaired. Honestly, if I didn't have so many trombones, I'd keep this one. Own a legend, this is one of Dick Nash's Bach 36 trombones, with a gold brass bell and lightweight brass slide.

A piece of history to use in period work or just to own an important instrument in the evolution of the trombone. This is a terrific playing Bach 42 and has the coveted "Stainless Steel" casing from O. I love the sound of it, orchestral but clear and brilliant. Dick played this trombone on countless film scores, it's got lots of good notes in it.

00 with case (and his name stamp still inside) A very nice playing Shires bass trombone with dependent trubore valves, one of 9 sets I believe.

A very nice vintage trombone that has some character and won't break the bank. Extremely rare German romantic trombone made in the late 1800s by one of the most famous and influential makers of trombones, J. It is gold brass, extremely thin material, with a wide nickel garland that is engraved and decorated with the traditional shell stamps.

Interestingly, this particular trombone has a tuning slide incorporated in the slide.

I just love the sound of a Benge trombone, it is gooey dark with a brilliant edge, begging to be played with core and depth. This instrument has been in storage at a music shop for the past 15 years.

Beautiful and rare Conn 70H bass trombone from the 1920s, with optional E rotary switch valve.

This isn't a "Fuchs" Model but the standard smaller throated 70H. Tuning in the slide with opera wheel tuning system, beautiful yellow brass with flat wrap F attachment.

The Mercury slide is .485" same specs as a Bach 6 slide but all brass.

Robb Stewart did the conversion with a custom slide tenon connector. Penzel was the apprentice of Sattler, who is credited with creating the large bore trombone, and this instrument is made in the same style as those original models.

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The concept being that the weight of the instrument is cradled in the palm of your left hand while you pull the levers of the valves towards you.

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