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And he is one of the funniest and, honestly, one of the smartest actors that I've ever worked with."Sarandon, meanwhile, would like everyone to know that she and Lange are more than just cordial."Jess & I not only got along great during filming, we're now dating," she joked in a tweet before quickly following up, "... She's one of the reasons I agreed to do the series.Working with brilliant actors only makes you better."How reasonable.Chastain had never gotten questions about on-set infighting with other films she'd been in, because all of her other movies had a more even distribution of male and female performers.

' "The movie featured a largely female ensemble, including seasoned pros Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard and Allison Janney.Bounding from "The Tonight Show" to "Good Morning America," they talked about everything from how they couldn't stop cracking up while filming to whether Gyllenhaal is a better cook than Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively.Here's Reynolds on Gyllenhaal: "Jake - I am going to talk about him as if he were not here - is one of the most interesting actors working in this crazy business right now."And Gyllenhaal on Reynolds: "I just thought, 'What a genuinely good man.' He is good to other people; he is such a good dad; he is such a good husband.Sarandon was among the famous names linked to the star and she has now said it was "possibly the best" rumour that has ever been written about her throughout her career. It was a week of heaven," Sarandon told the Irish Sun."I first read the headline, ' Liam is romancing Susan' and I thought firstly, ' That's news to me!

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